DNSR-730 — Nameserver response inconsistency message


W (warning), E (error)

Message text

%s #%d %s (%s) does not match %s (%s)


Reply resource record (RR) of printed type and order mismatch to previous RRs. Possible combinations:

  • "name does not match query": RR name differs from queried name.

  • "type does not match query": RR type differs from queried type.

  • "name does not match cname": RR name differs from canonical name.

Mismatching values are printed in the parenthesis.

In the case of E level message, the whole answer is ignored and the next server is tried. In the case of W level message, the the RR is removed.

See also

DNSE-790(6), DNSE-791(6), logging(7)


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