RSLV-795 — Proxy reloaded results of ACR name resolution


N (notify), E (error)

Message text

Loaded item #%1 (%2), %3: %4 (%5), exp: %6


If the configuration contains domain names, they are resolved at proxy startup. Later on, when some of the names expires, the Asynchronous Configuration Resolver (ACR) process is started to refresh the resolution. All processes of the proxy try time to time (typically at a new session initialization) to reload refreshed results of name resolution done by ACR.

This message is logged by a proxy process after refreshing a single domain name %2. The N-level message reports a success and contains also number of addresses (%4) and a list of them (%5). The E-level message reports a failure and contains also error code and description (%4 and %5).

See also

RSLV-213(6), RSLV-713(6), logging(7)


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