SMTV-759 — Final SPF processing message


D (debug), N (notify), W (warning)

Message text

SPF check-host(%1,%2,%3)=%4


SPF verification finished for domain %3 with result %4.

The smtp-proxy is configured to verify client identity according to the Sender Policy Framework (white-listing) of domain it declares to server for. This message is the final status report for the SPF processing for a domain. The first two parameters are important only for D-level messages and they represent the call depth level and the number of DNS queries to reach the limit of 10 given by the RFC.

The W-level message reports an error in processing, more detailed information can be found in preceding log messages, this message logs the domain name and result used in DELIVERY-ACL searching.

The N-level message is logged to ease a mail processing tracking.

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