resolveblacklist — tool for resolving hostnames in http-proxy blacklists




The http-proxy(8) can limit access to some servers according to a blacklist. The matching of server addresses is performed as text, i.e., a hostname in a request URI matches only with a hostname in the blacklist and an IP address matches only with an IP address. Utility resolveblacklist reads a blacklist from the standard input and writes each entry back to the output. If the server in an entry is specified by its hostname, it is resolved and entries corresponding to all IP addresses of the server are written to the output blacklist, following the original entry containing hostname.

Utility resolveblacklist works with blacklists in textual format. The http-proxy(8) reads blacklists in DB database format. The mkblacklist(1) and printblacklist(1) utilities perform conversions between textual and DB formats of blacklists.

See Also

mkblacklist(1), printblacklist(1), http-proxy(8)


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