Kernun UTM Reference (7)

Table of Contents

access-control — Kernun proxies access control system
adaptive-firewall — Adaptive Firewall
antivirus — Kernun virus checking support
auth — client authentication on proxy
cluster — Kernun firewall redundancy cluster support
configuration — general syntax of configuration files
data-matching — generic data matching and processing in proxies
doctype-identification — document type recognition methods and configuration
host-matching — configuration semantics of lists of hosts
ips — intrusion detection/prevention system and the related aspects
kernun — signpost to Kernun firewall manual pages
logging — Kernun firewall logging facility
monitoring — Kernun firewall runtime monitoring support
netio — Kernun firewall network I/O layer
port-range-listen — the ability of proxies to listen on a port range and the related aspects
resolving — DNS resolving in Kernun applications
tcpserver — TCP client connections and process management in proxies
time-matching — syntax and semantics of time specification in configuration
traffic-shaping — Kernun firewall traffic shaping support
transparency — network transparency and the related aspects
udpserver — UDP session and process management in proxies