DNSP-820 — ACL decision has been made, operation either accepted or rejected


I (statistic)

Message text

ACL PHASE=%d PARENT=%s FROM=%s QNAME=%s QTYPE=%s NAME=%s OP=%s/%s %s


The proxy checked incoming request and decided whether to ACCEPT or REJECT it according to entry conditions of REQUEST-ACLs and request parsing status (e.g. bad character signalized by a DNSR-702-W message will cause rejecting the request despite a successful ACL search).

As standard Kernun application, basic decision is made according to client address (FROM). Additional condition for dns-proxy is query name (QNAME). After selecting proper ACL, query type (QTYPE) is checked against QUERY items set and proper operation is selected.

After successfull verification, ACL name, proxy operation name and parameter is printed.

If no ACL is found, printed ACL name is nullstring.

See also

DNSP-610(6), logging(7)


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