DNSP-860 — Request processing finished


I (statistic)

Message text

REQUEST-END FROM=%1 OP=%2 QN=%3 QT=%4 AA=%5 TC=%6 RC=%7 MSGS=%8 QD=%9 AN=%10 NS=%11 AR=%12 ORIGIN=%13 IN=%14 OUT=%15 DURATION=%16 PROTO=%17 %18


The request processing has been finished. The message contains

  • client's address and port [%1]

  • request operation [%2]

  • queried name and type [%3, %4]

  • authority and truncation flags [%5, %6]

  • response code or NoResponse (if request was to be aborted) [%7]

  • number of RRs in all sections [Query %9, Answer %10, Authority %11, Additional %12]

  • last responding or queried server or "[FAKED]" [%13]

  • server-side data counters (received and sent bytes) [%14, %15]

  • duration in seconds [%16]

  • protocol (UDP/TCP) [%17]

  • result status [%18].

The result statuses can be:

  • ACCEPTED if an answer is available (positive or negative)

  • REJECTED if the request was denied

  • FAILED if some unexpected error occured.

See also

DNSP-809(6), logging(7)


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