cwcatd — Clear Web automatic categorization daemon


cwcatd [-hv] [-d dbglev] -f cfgfile


The cwcatd daemon handles automatic categorization of WWW servers. If categories for a requested URL are not found in the Clear Web database, the http-proxy(8) or the icap-server(8) can optionally request automatic categorization of the URL. These requests are appended to a queue that is processed by daemon cwcatd.

The daemon reads uncategorized URLs from the queue. For each URL, it tries to download the referenced web page. The downloaded page is passed to an automatic categorizer, which tries to assign categories according to a heuristic applied to the page content. If it succeeds, the result is stored in a local database.

Future requests to a locally categorized server will get categories assigned according to the local database. If categories of the server appear in the downloaded Clear Web database in its periodic update, the result of the automatic local categorization will not be used any more.



Print usage information.


Display version information and exit.

-d dbglev

Set debuging level to a specific number. Permitted values are 3 through to 9, 3 being the least and 9 the most verbose. See logging(7) for details. This setting is relevant only till configuration reading is finished.

-f cfgfile

Read cfgfile for configuration information.

See Also

http-proxy(8) or the icap-server(8)


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