Kernun UTM Reference (8)

Table of Contents — Adaptive Firewall database management tool
alertd — The SNMP trap sending daemon
atrmon — Adaptive Traffic Routing monitoring daemon
bootmgr — tool for configuring Kernun boot manager
cml — Configuration Meta-Language
cwcatd — Clear Web automatic categorization daemon
dns-proxy — Domain Name System (DNS) proxy
ftp-proxy — File Transfer Protocol (FTP) proxy
gk-proxy — H.323 Gatekeeper RAS proxy
h323-proxy — H.323 Protocol Family proxy
http-proxy — HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) proxy
icamd — Intra Cluster Accessibility Master Daemon
icap-server — ICAP server for document inspection
icasd — Intra Cluster Accessibility Slave Daemon
imap4-proxy — Internet Message Action Protocol v. 4 (IMAP4) proxy
kat — Kernun Admin Tool
kavhttpd — Kaspersky AV in HTTP mode integrated in Kernun UTM
pf-control — Packet filter control daemon
pikemon — PIKE cluster protocol control daemon
pop3-proxy — Post Office Protocol v. 3 (POP3) proxy
sip-proxy — Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) proxy
smtp-proxy — Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) proxy
sqlnet-proxy — Oracle SQL*Net Proxy
sysmgr — tool for Kernun installation, upgrade, backup, and restore
tcp-proxy — transparent generic TCP proxy
udp-proxy — generic UDP proxy