Kernun UTM Reference (5)

Table of Contents

acl — format of acl component configuration
adaptive-firewall — format of adaptive-firewall component configuration
alertd — format of alertd component configuration
alertd.cfg — format of alertd program configuration file
altq — format of altq component configuration
antivirus — format of antivirus component configuration
application — format of application component configuration
atr — format of atr component configuration
atrmon.cfg — format of atrmon program configuration file
auth — format of auth component configuration
clear-web-db — format of clear-web-db component configuration
common — format of common component configuration
cwcatd.cfg — format of cwcatd program configuration file
dhcp-server — format of dhcp-server component configuration
dns-proxy — format of dns-proxy component configuration
dns-proxy.cfg — format of dns-proxy program configuration file
ftp-proxy — format of ftp-proxy component configuration
ftp-proxy.cfg — format of ftp-proxy program configuration file
gk-proxy — format of gk-proxy component configuration
gk-proxy.cfg — format of gk-proxy program configuration file
h323-proxy — format of h323-proxy component configuration
h323-proxy.cfg — format of h323-proxy program configuration file
http-cache — format of http-cache component configuration
http-control — format of http-control component configuration
http-proxy — format of http-proxy component configuration
http-proxy.cfg — format of http-proxy program configuration file
ica — format of ica component configuration
icap-server — format of icap-server component configuration
icap-server.cfg — format of icap-server program configuration file
imap4-proxy — format of imap4-proxy component configuration
imap4-proxy.cfg — format of imap4-proxy program configuration file
interface — format of interface component configuration
ipc — format of ipc component configuration
ipsec — format of ipsec component configuration
kernun.cml — format of Kernun configuration file
ldap — format of ldap component configuration
license — format of license component configuration
listen-on — format of listen-on component configuration
log — format of log component configuration
mod-antispam — format of mod-antispam component configuration
mod-html-filter — format of mod-html-filter component configuration
mod-mail-doc — format of mod-mail-doc component configuration
mod-match — format of mod-match component configuration
monitoring — format of monitoring component configuration
nameserver — format of nameserver component configuration
netio — format of netio component configuration
nls — format of nls component configuration
ntp — format of ntp component configuration
openvpn — format of openvpn component configuration
packet-filter — format of packet-filter component configuration
pf-control.cfg — format of pf-control program configuration file
pf-queue — format of pf-queue component configuration
pike — format of pike component configuration
pikemon.cfg — format of pikemon program configuration file
ping — format of ping component configuration
pop3-proxy — format of pop3-proxy component configuration
pop3-proxy.cfg — format of pop3-proxy program configuration file
proxy-ng — format of proxy-ng component configuration
radius — format of radius component configuration
resolver — format of resolver component configuration
router — format of router component configuration
rtadvd — format of rtadvd component configuration
sip-proxy — format of sip-proxy component configuration
sip-proxy.cfg — format of sip-proxy program configuration file
smtp-proxy — format of smtp-proxy component configuration
smtp-proxy.cfg — format of smtp-proxy program configuration file
snmpd — format of snmpd component configuration
source-address — format of source-address component configuration
sqlnet-proxy — format of sqlnet-proxy component configuration
sqlnet-proxy.cfg — format of sqlnet-proxy program configuration file
ssh — format of ssh component configuration
ssl — format of ssl component configuration
sysctl — format of sysctl component configuration
system — format of system component configuration
tcp-proxy — format of tcp-proxy component configuration
tcp-proxy.cfg — format of tcp-proxy program configuration file
tcpserver — format of tcpserver component configuration
test-expr — format of test-expr command-line arguments
time — format of time component configuration
udp-proxy — format of udp-proxy component configuration
udp-proxy.cfg — format of udp-proxy program configuration file
udpserver — format of udpserver component configuration