time — format of time component configuration


General syntax rules of Kernun Firewall configuration files are described in configuration(7). This man page describes types, sections and items specific for the time component configuration.

Repeatable sections/items are marked by the '*' before section/item name.


Configuration directives have attributes of several value-types. For the basic types description, see configuration(7).

Enumeration is a list of words (names) representing integer values. Some enumerations accept both names and direct integer values; in this case, enumeration description contains values for every name (in parenthesis next to name). For other enumerations, using of names is obligatory.

The following enumerations are used in time configuration directives:

week-day (name-usage optional)

Weekday names.

sun (0), mon (1), tue (2), wed (3), thu (4), fri (5), sat (6)

month (name-usage optional)

Month names.

jan (1), feb (2), mar (3), apr (4), may (5), jun (6), jul (7), aug (8), sep (9), oct (10), nov (11), dec (12)


Configuration of time library component consists of following prototypes:

* time ... ;
  time-period-set { ... }


time [day day] [month month] [wday [hhmm]];

Time Specification.

Special item used for time-based limitation in the configuration.

Different categories are checked in conjunction (AND).

day day (type: uint8-set, optional, default: *)

day of month (1 - 31)

month month (type: month-set, optional, default: *)

month (Jan - Dec or 1 - 12)

wday (type: week-day-set, optional, default: *)

week-day (Sun - Sat or 0 - 6)

hhmm (type: time-set, optional, default: *)

time (in form hhmm)

time-period-set {

  exclude ... ;
* time-spec name { ... }


Set of Time Periods Sepcification.

Special section used for time-based limitation in the configuration.

Items & subsections:


Inverted time specification flag.

If used, the time defined by this section is complementary to the period set listed.

time-spec name {

* dates ... ;
* weekdays ... ;
* hours ... ;


Particular time range specification.

Items & subsections:

dates from-day from-mon till-day till-mon;

Specification of date within a year.

from-day (type: uint8)

from-mon (type: month)

till-day (type: uint8)

till-mon (type: month)

weekdays from till;

Specification of day within a week.

from (type: week-day)

till (type: week-day)

hours from till;

Specification of time within a day.

from (type: time)

till (type: time)

Upper bound of time is not included.


Upper bound must nost be 0000 (use 2400).

[End of section time-period-set.time-spec description.]

[End of section time-period-set description.]


configuration(7), time-matching(7)